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Artificial Sweeteners and Fasting

Zero-calorie sweetened drinks are okay during fasting. Not. 

And neither is chewing gum, mints, or anything artificially sweetened.  Sorry… yikes…

Here is a non-exclusive list of non-nutritive (artificial) sweeteners.

  • Acesulfame Potassium – Sunnett, Sweet One
  • Aspartame – Nutrasweet, Equal
  • Neotame – N/A
  • Sucralose – Splenda
  • Stevia/Rebaudioside – A Sweet Leaf, Sun Crystals, Steviva, Truvia, PureVia.

And some zero-calorie, yet nutritive sweeteners like Monk Fruit, xylitol, and erythritol

Studies show that when fed non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) or table sugar the 24-hour blood insulin levels are the same.  People drinking cola with have an insulin spike rapidly, however, those drinking a diet cola will not…. For about 1.5 hours.  YES… the insulin increase comes, but later down the line. Also, persons were found to actually eat more at the next meal when using NNS.

Let’s learn some terms.

Glucose is a simple sugar (this one is easy).   Sugar is a subcategory of carbohydrates. Glucose is the most important source of energy.  When your ass is being chased by someone that you’ve been pumping drinks into all night, then some light hits them and you notice there are only three teeth and two of them are borrowed, you’re going to want that quick energy for the run.

Glucagon… oohhh getting fancy.  It means all the glucose is gone.  Just shitting you. It’s a hormone, peptide at that.  It is produced in the pancreas and it is used to raise the concentration of glucose (sugar) and fatty acids in the bloodstream.    Glucagon will smack the liver’s ass and make it give up some of its precious stored glycogen and convert it to glucose when energy is needed.  WOW we made it through that one.

Glucagon-like peptide 1 GLP 1… WTAF… seriously what’s with all the fucking G words?  If only you could find the spot. I digress. GLP 1 is awesome when you have food in your belly.  Did you guess that it is a hormone, yup it’s an incretin. An incretin enhances the secretion of insulin.  Lol Insulin and secretion all pushed together equals incretin. 

Get ready to be pissed.  The evidence surrounding the NNS induced secretion of GLP-1 is consistent in most in vitro studies.  NNS (sucralose & Ace K) interact with the taste receptor to aid in GLP1 secretion additionally, xylitol and erythritol, two sweeteners that are not technically non-nutritive, caused GLP-1 levels to increase possibly due to their structural similarity to glucose.

Dysbiosis is defined as fucked up gut.  FUG for short, basically means the gut microbiome is out of sorts. 

It is now considered a legitimate cause of obesity.  NNS especially my favorite aspartame wreak havoc on the gut microbiome.  It causes an increase of propionate and that impairs insulin function and elevates glucose levels.

Three potential mechanisms, which are not mutually exclusive, are presented:

  1. NNSs interfere with learned responses that contribute to control glucose and energy homeostasis,
  2. NNSs interfere with gut microbiota and induce glucose intolerance, and
  3. NNSs interact with sweet-taste receptors expressed throughout the digestive system that plays a role in glucose absorption and trigger insulin secretion.

So in conclusion.  Artificial sweeteners bad.  Artificial sweeteners whilst fasting, badder.