Insulin makes you fat.  If you don’t read any further believe this to be true.

Anyone who takes insulin can tell you how hard it is to lose weight.  If you take a group of individuals that all weigh 180 pounds, split them in half and give group A 10 units of insulin with each meal and group B nothing, feed them all the same thing Group A is going to gain weight.

Insulinoma is a rare tumor.  It secretes insulin in non-diabetic victims.  It grossly lowers blood glucose levels.  One symptom that each patient with this diagnosis has is obesity.

When I was giving my patients psych meds like zyprexa, and Seroquel, and gabapentin I noticed that they were getting fat.  Sometimes that was a good thing because some of the homeless with schizophrenia were quite skinny.

What do a lot of 3rd generation antipsychotics have in common?  They make the patient insulin resistant.

Diabetic bulimics.  Type 1 diabeties is a condition in which the beta cells will not allow the pancreas to produce insulin or produce incredibly low non life sustaining amounts of insulin.  Some of those who suffer from type 1 diabetes and cannot tolerate the weight gain will withhold insulin from themselves to lose weight.

This is very effective for weight loss and very dangerous at the same time.

Insulin makes you gain weight.  Lack of insulin makes you lose weight.

So when I say I’m going to throw myself into the wood chipper when people want a bargain and negotiate what they can have whilst fasting and others encouraged them with ridiculous pseudoscience such as 50 calories or under is okay, coffee and tea and herbal tea and stevia okay… Now you know why.

Anything that touches the tongue causes cephalic phase insulin response if the vagus nerve thinks that it’s sweet even if it’s not sweet and the liver sees it is a xenobiotic it will elicit a digestive response and that may include insulin.

Even brushing your teeth can cause an insulin reaction but from what I have recently discovered it’s a very short time.

Please continue to brush your teeth.

But James, we need insulin to live correct? Why, yes, person who sounds just like me.

But you only need it long enough to digest the meal that you’ve just eaten.   You eat, insulin is secreted, food is digested and in about 6 to 8 hours the last little bit of glucose has been assimilated and insulin retreats.

So the longer your fasting window the less time insulin is in your bloodstream.  The less time insulin is in your bloodstream the more fat you burn.

The more fat you burn the the more you shift weight.