Vegan 14-Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

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A quick start guide to losing weight with intermittent fasting for vegans. eBook only.


Not another freaking diet book. I toyed with using this as a title. No one wants another diet book that promises super rapid weight loss and that pounds will melt away and you will have a perfect body forever, and you’ll be ten years younger and get rich all at the same time.

So if you want to lose up to 14 pounds in 14 days because you are just starting, or you have fallen off the Intermittent Fasting wagon, or even if you have an upcoming event and want to fit in that dress or suit, then this may be for you.

No snake oil here, and I won’t sugar coat it.

I have designed two weeks of meals that are simple and delicious. You will hardly think that you are on a diet.

I have a private Facebook group and several people have already completed the program with great success. It’s just two weeks of your life to make a quick change. With your purchase, you’ll be able to join the group and share your experience with others following the program.

It’s only $19.99, and I will never try to sell you anything else. No vitamins or exercise equipment, none of that sh*t.

You get the book with a carefully laid out daily meal plan, shopping lists, and the best part is you can become part of a community doing the same thing. We start a new round every three weeks, yes I need a week off once in a while, but you don’t have to participate in the group to get the benefits (you can simply follow the book); The group is there if you want it, where you will get a lot of support from those that have already succeeded.

Here is to your health and happiness… peace.. jj

37 reviews for Vegan 14-Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

  1. Mia (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical when I started, because I couldn’t imagine that it really worked that great!
    It was absolutely worth doing! I lost more weight than I had expected and never felt hungry!
    Absolutely recommendable! 😀

  2. Warren Tilson

    Just posting to say that this menu has been fantastic.
    It tastes great and it’s working!
    Also I’m amazed by how little I miss salt.
    I thought going in that the food would be blander than what I like but it turns out the opposite is true. None of these dishes need salt, and would be the worse for it.

  3. Karen Lachner-Bliss (verified owner)

    The plan works and is doable! Seriously, you’re worth setting aside 2 weeks of time to do this.

  4. Rosalyn Kercher (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this program enough. I lost 7 kg in two weeks, following the guidelines closely. The food was delicious and it was all so easy as every step was clearly outlined and explained. The recipes are easy to follow, there’s weekly shopping lists and lots of support through the facebook group. I have found a new lifestyle that feels good and will help to keep me healthy and full of energy. So glad I found this book. Thank you James and thank you Michelle for all of your support.

  5. Jolie (verified owner)

    This program works!! Down 8 lbs, or 7% of my body weight. A tremendous amount of research has gone into this plan, and the recipes are easy to follow and make. There is also the support from the FB page so you’ll get all the info you need to continue making good choices while nourishing your body. Thank you jj!

  6. Kirstin Forsythe (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this programme!

    I lost 17lbs in total during the two week challenge and this is the first time I’ve actually stuck to WFPB for longer than a week!

    The recipes, especially during week one, are lovely, very tasty & quick to prepare. I expected to do prep but decided everything was so quick to do there was no need. I was full throughout the programme, it was only the first couple of days when I adjusted that I felt hungry, after that I had to remind myself to eat!

    Can’t recommend highly enough! The book is very thorough, well set out, I love the two shopping lists – life savers!! I hate having to go through recipes & write shopping lists, so it’s great that it’s all been done for you, no thinking needed.. buy stuff, eat 😂

  7. Sarah W (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about how much I loved this program. I did it with the group when I first got the book, and just finished a second independent round. The recipes are great, I never felt hungry, I kicked my sugar-oil-salt habits, it helped me understand how much food I actually need in a day, and I lost over 3kg in 2 weeks – I’ve never had results like that before. Big thanks to JJ for this program and for all the effort with the support group on Facebook! Will definitely be doing it again.

  8. Carol Brindley (verified owner)

    Excellent book! My husband and I both followed the plan for 2 weeks pretty strictly and decided to continue making the recipes after. Delicious, and easy. I lost 9 lbs and my husband lost 7. We will be doing it again and again!

  9. Tanya Rayfield

    I felt great after completing this program. I lost 8 pounds in the two weeks, and plan on doing the next round. The food was very tasty; my husband, who’s not doing the program, complained a few times that I didn’t make enough for him! I absolutely recommend this program.

  10. Cécile (verified owner)

    Easy recipes with lots of taste ! Many of those made their way in my regular rotation. The smoothies and dressing became staples for me !
    It’s also easy to swap days, ingredients with food allergies, and it does work great on weight loss.
    It also made me aware of why I was struggling with my weight and brought me sustainable habits I didn’t have before.

  11. Jackie Carey (verified owner)

    Wonderful experience! Great recipes, support and tons of information.. I learned so much about changing up the meal plans, easy snacks that work and making great dressings and sauces from simple ingredients. Within a few days, I saw and felt improvements in my body, my digestive system and my overall well-being. The weight loss was steady, half a pound a day for two weeks. Some health issues prevented me from keeping up the exercise routine but that’s ok, slow and steady wins the race. Already planning my next 14 days!

  12. Michelle (verified owner)

    I’ve never tried anything like this before. After exercising 6 hours a week for 7 months, and IF 16:8 for a few months without much result, I thought I’d bite the bullet and try the book. I lost almost 4kg in 2 weeks, and am now consistently at my lowest weight. I didn’t really feel hungry, although I did have to curb some biscuit cravings. I have learnt some important takeaways that I will incorporate to my every day eating, such as less to no oil, salad dressings made from tahini and sweetened with dates. Delicious! I’m happy to do this again if my diet ever needs a kickstart.

  13. David McClure

    This 14 Day Program and Guide Book is a deeply thoughtful, beautiful, well-researched, labor-of-love of a program that you will benefit from. Regardless of your goal: losing weight, addressing eating habits you want to change, introducing different foods into your vegan repertoire, an opportunity to overhaul your vegan/IF lifestyle… there is much you will want to take away from and incorporate into your daily life beginning on day 15. The recipes are all delicious. The program is easy to follow. The support you will receive along the way from James and his moderators is invaluable.. You owe it to yourself to follow through with this program. James wants you to have a great experience. Follow the program and you will. With this program, James has gifted us with a significant and brilliant contribution to advance a Vegan / IF lifestyle.

  14. PennyB (verified owner)

    Just completed my first 14 day challenge. Found the book easy to understand and very thorough. It takes all the hard work out of the diet with all the meal plans, recipes and shopping lists laid out for you.
    I found the plan easy to follow and lost 4kgs and 10cms from my waist. The recipes were easy to prepare and tasty. I will be incorporating some of the recipes after the diet.

  15. Shawn Urban

    Before starting I would have put $1000 on me not losing for than 2.5 pounds in two weeks – my normal weight loss for that timeframe. My losing 13.6 pounds speaks for itself.

  16. Mandi Benecke

    This is the only kickstart, rapid weight loss program I’ve done where I don’t feel deprived and tired. I absolutely loved all the recipes (especially the mean green salad!) I had tons of energy and loved the support of the group when I had questions. James truly cares and you feel that throughout the process. I lost 9 lbs in 14 days and best of all, it reset some bad eating habits that had crept in over the last year. It’s hundreds of dollars of value for just $20, I HIGHLY recommend this book!

  17. Preethi Iyer (verified owner)

    This book consisting of 70 pages is full of useful information. Recipes, swap out recipes, substitutions, calorie count and other macros for each and every recipe! Mini encyclopedia to get started on vegan diet to get healthy!

  18. Jean

    This program is worth so much more than what you’re gonna pay for it! Flexibility, deliciousness, ease and cost effective! I have lost more than 15 pounds and my high blood pressure was completely normal after day 3 with no medication! The recipes are incredibly tasty and most importantly, filling. Hunger isnt a thing with this program, and there are tons of ways to add extra veggies in case you need more. The knowledge contained in this book is second to none, and the coaching included in the FB group is amazing! I have learned how to cook without using salt, oil or sugar so quickly and easily that I plan to continue to cook this way (and I NEVER thought I could do that)! It’s a truly incredible program, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, JJ, for being the awesomely intelligent, wonderful person you are!

  19. Kim (verified owner)

    James is knowledgeable and helpful. This book is carefully constructed with tons of information and great recipes. Two thumbs up.

  20. Avis

    The recipes are easy, they taste delicious and are surprisingly filling.

  21. Roy Berlove

    I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that too few people are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I came across this during my search for something concerning this.

  22. Samantha neaves

    Well, what can I say.
    I am amazed to find a programme that has really tasty food! I started these 2 weeks stuck in a cycle of needed caffeine and then having bad nights sleep abs then needing caffeine. This programme has reset things so I no linger need caffeine and I’m sleeping better. I also couldn’t get through my fasting window without drinking sugar free drinks but now I can do 16+ hours with just water! I’ve learnt that I do not need to use oil, at all, to cook meals and make dressings. The smoothies are delicious. I now enjoy salads. I’m on day 11 and I’ve lost half a stone (brits weigh in st and lb) which is a bonus to what I’ve learnt and I will definitely be continuing with a lot of the recipes. Thankyou so much to James and the gang 😊😊

  23. Itemeka (verified owner)

    After 10 days of following the food rations in the recipes 1 lost 4kg I’m on day 11 and I love the program. So far the easiest and most efficient one I have ever been on( I have been on quite a few).

    On a more personal note, just my experience, it was a healing I didn’t exercise daily, when I did it was a lot less because of my condition prior to the program.

    Just prepping the food brought me great joy because it represented my willingness to nurture myself which was my actually why I got on the program. It worked both ways, I felt so much better, was learning how to take a different approach to certain foods I usually avoided and the weight( literally and physically) reduced..
    There’s a wonderful support group that makes this even more fun so truly, no matter where you’re at, this is a truly transformative jorney because this program has a lot of love and work put into it. This was the difference between the other programs and this one for me… It can and will change you on many levels, if you put in your part of the work😊

  24. Angie Winterbottom (verified owner)

    This book is amazing – life changing! Well worth the money. The smoothies alone are worth it!

  25. Caroline Hylands

    This program is absolutely amazing. Add to weight loss the new habits you will learn that will help you not only achieve your goal weight but stick to it as well as friendly knowledgeable support and great recipes. So glad I found this 😍.

  26. Kristine Pepe

    Best book I’ve bought in a while. I was expecting this to be like many of the other Vegan cookbooks I have. It’s not!!! It’s so much more!!! Awesome, delicious recipes, tips for mindfulness and meditation, and inspiration for a clean lifestyle! 🌱💚

  27. Sheryl

    What can I say? I was really surprised that after a year long plateau, the weight just started coming off! I’m not new to WFPB No SOS eating, but if you are, you’re in luck! All of the recipes are fast & simple to prepare, even for a total beginner, And James’ creations are so tasty! Between the smoothies for breakfast, & the 2 other meals, along with the snacks, tonics, teas, nuts, & free fruits & vegetables, it is impossible to go hungry!
    But this is about more than just food. It is a wonderful re-set for clean eating, intermittent fasting, mindfulness & meditation,
    In those two weeks, it laid down the foundation for me to proceed with all of these new healthy habits & continue to lose weight just by adding in the suggested modifications for sustainability!
    What can I say?…..James is a genius!

  28. Kerry

    A fantastically planned menu with everything you need to know for the 2 weeks including the shopping lists and guidance notes. The meals are full of flavour, I wasn’t once left feeling hungry. It’s so easy to follow and really does work to kick-start the weight loss. It’s also completely changed the way we shop, cook and eat.

    The online community is an added support bonus too

  29. Katherine Carmon

    Love this program, I’m not a big cook but the recipes were easy to make and delicious. I have lost a total of 13 pounds following the program off on on. Thank you so much James.
    I promise you will not regret buying this book!!

  30. Debbie

    I love this plan! It is well thought out with nutrition information for each recipe as well as swap ingredients in case of allergies or personal preference. The food choices are delicious and I rarely felt hungry because there were plenty of “extra” vegetables and fruits you were allowed to have. It has also taught me how to cook without added sugar, oil, and salt and has given me a concrete framework to build a healthy vegan diet around. Best of all I was finally able to lose those last 10 stubborn pounds. Highly recommend!

  31. Melinda Stevenson

    I highly recommend this program for rapid weight loss!! It’s easy to follow, recipes are easy to make and the grocery list is easy!! It’s just EASY to do… Now to maintain…. Thanks James! You’re a champ

  32. Evelyn

    I love this programme! You work through the days with confidence that you’re getting a really well rounded nutrient filled day, with all homemade healthy foods. On top of that you don’t go hungry! It’s opened a whole new world of smoothies, tonics, and meal dressings that are absolutely plate lickingly delicious 😁
    Oh and I’ve lost over 6lb in the first week alone! A great programme to lose weight fast and work around your fasting window. You can flex
    and swap the days, and move the eating window to suit your fasting regime. 💚🌿 Thank you James!

  33. Dianne

    I loved this program! The food is tasty, easy to make and filling. I was thrilled to lose 13 lbs. during the two weeks and this will be incorporated again and again when I find myself getting off track when life happens.

  34. Laurel

    Great program!! The recipes are all really good and not complicated. The shopping list at the beginning was a great tool. Some of the salad dressings are definitely in my “favorite recipes” folder now! 😊

  35. Christy Cox

    I am on day 10 of this program and down 13 pounds. More than that, I am trying foods that I never would have otherwise and loving them! I will definitely incorporate many of these recipes in my daily life!

  36. Blondebarnet

    Absolutely love it so far. Easy recipes that you can whip together quickly and really do satisfy. It’s actually hard to not feel like there is too much food (WTF!)
    Feel better already and not even finished. Will review again once finished

  37. Kate

    Fantastic recipes.
    Very easy to follow plan.
    Highly recommended

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