Consult With a Vegan Fitness Coach!

Hi folks: just james here, I would like to offer the opportunity to help match you with a vegan fitness coach. I’m certainly not that guy, so I searched for members that do fitness coaching online and found two amazing coaches.

You can select your coach make contact and set up a free consultation with them. Then you guys can formulate a plan if you’re a match and take it from there.

I forgo any compensation for this service. I just want to be able to give back to vegans that are trying to make a better world for you and those that follow us.

Our expert coaches will lighten the load of research and, as you can see, they are absolutely living the life. They will work together with you to help plan a safe, effective and also realistic workout routine

They will deliver you an authentic, honest relationship where you will feel heard and safe. As your relationship develops the coach can help you strive for accountability and motivation. Together you will set realistic goals and your coach will offer you as much motivation as you desire.

To your health, cheers….jj

Meet Kassidy

Hi! My name is Kassidy and I am a fitness and mindset coach. I have been interested in health and fitness for many years now and have always loved the idea of one day being able to help others achieve their own wellness goals. Now I am grateful to have the chance to finally do that!

When I first began my own health and fitness journey, it was something I found fun and exciting…buuuuut after a while, I realized how hard it is to stick to a healthy lifestyle long-term. I noticed that this is the problem for many people… we all want to be healthy and fit but something keeps getting in the way. The unhealthy cycles keep repeating over and over again. So what’s that missing piece? What’s the secret nobody tells us? Over the years I have been dedicated to figuring out the answer to these questions so that more people can be healthy without it being such an intimidating process or something that results in short-term effects.

From my experience, I realized the key to this is not just about motivation, willpower, or discipline. It’s about what goes on in your mind on a daily basis. The thoughts you have, the way you talk to yourself, the beliefs you’ve unconsciously been conditioned with, the habits you develop… these are the things holding you back and making it difficult to achieve fitness goals. If your mind isn’t set up for overall well-being, how can your body be?

In my work, I give the workouts necessary to achieve your fitness and health goals, and I take on a holistic approach where I focus on what happens internally before expecting grand results externally. I implement techniques I’ve learned about mindfulness, psychology, metaphysics, subconscious reprogramming, and advice from other wellness gurus to help people change their mindsets for overall fitness and well-being!

Start your own personal wellness journey with me today by signing up for a consultation! I can’t wait to work with you to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of YOU!

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Meet Tammam

My name is Tammam my friends call me Tman and my girlfriends call me… well lets keep this bio PG 😜

BUT in all seriousness, like many of you I started on my fitness journey with the purpose to look amazing and feel just as good.

But it was a STRUGGLE, I didn’t want to go to the gym by myself because I was intimidated and lacked confidence, I had no idea how to lift weights ( I couldn’t even do 30kg on the bench press) and diet wasn’t even in the conversation – I was lost.

Facing all these “obstacles” was very daunting and for a lot of people it’s enough to make them say f*ck it and give up.

But instead of being a loser and giving up I decided to do something that is hard for me and others… I reached out for help. But, not just from the local “gym bro/sisters” but from someone who looked the part of someone who knew what they’re were doing. I did some research and found my mentor…

That decision changed my life forever, He gave me a plan, so I knew exactly what I needed to do to achieve the goals I wanted, and he kept me accountable making it hard for me to make excuses to not put in the work when I knew knew he was watching me.

Not only did I go on to having the body of my dreams, my life was filled with a lot more positivity and joy. I was super confident and those around me could feel it – the energy I was putting out.

I would love to help you reach your goals and get you looking your best all year long, just like my mentor did for me, book consultation call and we will see if we’re a good fit to work together.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

What Tammam’s Clients Say

I would pay TEN times the price to do it over again

Hi my name is George, I’m 22 years old and I’m from London.

Before I began training with Tammam I was REALLY struggling with to consistently lose weight and keep it off.

It was weird because I was good at working out and eating “clean” but when it came to burning the fat I was clueless.

It wasn’t until I began working with Tammam that I realized that my real problem was not having any accountability. But due to all my failures and being burned before, I came really close to NOT working with Tammam ​because of not having him train me in person, I thought it would too expensive and that I wouldn’t have the time. But I decided to take a chance and work with Tammam and I’m SO happy I did.

It’s the best decision I ever made, I would pay TEN times the price to do it over again.

So if you’re on the fence with on working with Tammam. I’d say don’t waste your time and just do it.
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